Jeffrey J. Jinks, Esquire

Business, Mergers & Acquisitions

Business owners face a wide range of issues including the foundation of forming their 

business entity correctly in the beginning.  Once formed, it is critical that each company

maintains adequate books, records, minutes and other "corporate formalities" to be sure

the owners are personally protected.   "Piercing the Corporate Veil' is the legal strategy used

by Plaintiff's attorneys to bypass a legitimate LLC or Corporation to garnish an owner's

personal assets outside the company.   A careful and thorough review, and ongoing

maintenance, is necessary to "Defend your Territory" and will set you up for business growth.

Capital is an important key to business expansion and acquisitions.  

Simply put, we can help find you the money necessary to grow

internally or by merger and acquisition.  

We are experienced at raising small and large amounts of capital and look forward to assisting you.