Jeffrey J. Jinks, Esquire

Your estate plan is much more than a Will or Trust; it is your legacy of a life well lived.   Today, there are many legal instruments to manage and transfer property during a short term illness or at your passing.   Some clients desire to avoid the supposed evils of Probate court, but the reality is that many, if not most assets are managed outside of the Probate court due to beneficiary designations, deeds and the manner in which title is held to various accounts or financial instruments.   In fact, the Will and Trust may be ineffective in accomplishing your goals if the title to your assets isn't properly taken into consideration.   

The old saying that "nothing is certain but death and taxes" is misleading and fatalistic.   With proper planning and design, your life can be a beautiful legacy for your family and the charities you care about while avoiding the uncertainty of costly court proceedings.

Estate Planning