Jeffrey J. Jinks, Esquire

Owning and Investing in Real Estate carries with it many opportunities for success and pitfalls to the unwary.   We've counseled many clients on their first investment in a single family home transaction on up to seasoned owners of Apartments, Retail Strip Centers, Warehouse and Offices, including Builders, and Contractors of large commercial projects.   The size and scope of each project may vary, but the needs are the same:  independent objective review of contracts, leases, loan documents, financing arrangements, LLC or Partnership documents, Phase I and II Environmental Reports, Title Commitments and Deeds, among others.    Just because the documents "sound or look" the same, they are NOT; they're YOUR documents and a few sentences, phrases or key terms can mean the difference between opportunity and obstacle.  Call for your independent objective review and follow my Blog to stay current on case law coming from the Indiana Supreme Court, Indiana Court of Appeals, Tax Court and Federal Courts including SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States).

We have also been privileged to represent Self Directed IRA and Roth IRA investors as they build their estate in this tax advantaged environment.  Don't make costly mistakes with a Prohibited Transaction or violate the rules on UBIT.  Call me to discuss how you can tap into this legal and safe source of alternative financing for your next project.

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